Audit & KYC

Smart Contract Audit

250 USD

Get Your Smart Contract audited by Industry Experts

We are your trusted smart contract auditors. Our team of experts specializes in meticulous code analysis, prioritizing security, functionality, and gas efficiency. We ensure that your smart contracts not only meet industry best practices but also comply with relevant regulations. With a focus on risk mitigation and upgradability, we empower you to deploy robust and reliable smart contracts with confidence.

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Owner KYC

600 USD

Get Your Token Owner KYC done with Ease

We offer Token Owner KYC services to ensure the security and integrity of your token ecosystem. We help you comply with regulatory requirements by collecting and verifying essential information about token owners, including identity verification, source of funds, and risk assessment. By implementing robust Token Owner KYC, we empower your project to maintain transparency, and build trust within the token economy.

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